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hypnotist robert mesmer performing

Go one step beyond anything you have ever seen before as Robert MESMER takes the hypnotic show to a whole new level. No swinging watches, mirror balls or clucking chickens in this hypnosis show. The show does not keep anyone waiting. It's fast, precise and polished. At any one show you may see volunteers swept through space at 25,000 MPH in a weightless condition - their limbs actually float, or riding a surfboard in Hawaii chased by you-know-who. Senses are altered as interaction on a stage between volunteers is unbelievable. The show is completely clean and no one is offended or embarrassed. Corporate banquets and conventions may include closeup magic, standup magic and Robert's ESP act. How appropriate that Wellington, New Zealand's Dominion Post called Robert MESMER...............

"The LORD of the TRANCE"

held over for 5 years as our headline act - Princess Cruises held over for 8 extra weeks - Cunard Cruise Lines held over for 9 extra weeks - The Butchart Gardens

The Robert Mesmer Comedy Hypnosis Show

Testimonials GRADS- The Robert Mesmer Comedy Hypnosis Show

Linda Hunter, Grad Coordinator, Parkland Secondary

Ron Poulin, Grad Coordinator, Claremont Secondary

Bill Village, Principal, Isfeld Secondary

Linda Tate, Grad Coordinator, Lambrick Park


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