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  • Topics:
  • 12 Step Leadership Program
  • Goal SettingarrowBuild it arrowReach it
  • It's All About You (his most recent book)
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"The Robert Mesmer talk was unequivocally the best presentation we have ever had. When I arrived at my office on Monday I had 9 voicemails and 7 emails, congratulating me on organizing such a great event!"
- J.L. Piazza, President, Highland Valley Copper, Vancouver

"I appreciate true quality and Robert’s presentation certainly falls into that category. Anyone who can hold the attention of 700 teenagers, sitting in wooden bleachers for an hour and a half on a Friday afternoon, has my respect."
Jeff Hopkins, Vice Principal, Elphinstone Secondary School, SD#46

" Speaking to a crowd of 500 can’t be easy, but Robert knocked their socks off! The event was a hugh success and our sales people are still talking about it."
- Nicole Ferguson, HR Administrator, Enterprise Rent A Car, Indiana

" At our annual customer appreciation day, we had Robert Mesmer as our speaker. The information was fascinating and relevant and the laughter lasted well into this week. Only great compliments were received by the HR Department for selecting Robert as our speaker."
- Debbie Sodoro, HR Coordinator, Haltermann Custom Pro, Houston


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